So yes, I’m bogus as hell. It’s been over a month since I last posted. (Did you even notice?)

Well, contrary to popular belief I haven’t been spinning my wheels and acting as if I’m on a paid vacation. Quite the opposite, I’ve been a busy little bee doing academic research chores like applying for grants, editing audio, contemplating my academic future, revising my proposal wah wah wah, woo woo woo.

So exciting right?

But it’s the holidays!! Yippee!!!

And I have a gift for you…a break from my “scholastic” existential navel gazing! I’m going to cut straight to the chase and invite you to listen and enjoy some music from three FABULOUS events I attended recently.

#1 Spreadlove: The Felabration Edition

Spreadlove is one of my favorite monthly events. It’s hosted by one of my favorite DJs, DJ Kemit. October’s installation was a tribute to the incomparable Fela Kuti. So of course that means lots of Fela music, afrobeat, and music from the African diaspora.

As if that weren’t enough to guarantee my attendance spreadlove also featured two of my absolute favorite musicians: DJ Rich Medina and the legendary Roy “everybody loves the sunshine” Ayers.

Check out this video of Mr. Ayers playing vibes and serving as high priest of soul. The feeling in that place was electric.


#2 Reclaiming the “Rock” in Black Musical Expression

The was a phenomenal conference hosted by the Archives of African American Music and Culture at Indiana University meant to explore the legacy and current climate of Black folks who are all about rock music.

Now the absolute best part of this conference is that it wasn’t a bunch of talking heads theorizing about music and meaning, but the lineup was rife with some of my favorite music journalists/bloggers such as Greg Tate and Rob Fields and musicians like Tamar Kali and Linda Tillery.

(get to the music, Freda)

So before this conference I had heard of Tamar Kali (mainly from her appearance in Afropunk) but she did a HELLUVA concert and converted me to her fold. Man alive, her voice is AMAZING. She has the vocal control and range of your favorite soul diva and the attitude that & don’t give a fuck attitude of the punk scene. (I’m street teaming hard right?) AND she be singing about stuff of substance.

Tamar Kali is winning.

#3 Tambor Party

So last Saturday night I roll up in this downtown club called Filter (fka the Mark) and I already knew based on the DJ line up that I would be on the dance floor all night. DJs Tabone and Stan Zeff’s crew did not let me down. It was all house music ALL house music. It reminded me so much of clubs in London where we would dance all night to an amazing mix of house, broken beat, and tribal house. AMAZING.

Two musical moments stick out for me. The first was a special live by Tribe Records UK artist Nathan Adams. I was SO happy he was there because I’ve loved his song “Circles” for years and I never knew who the hell sang it!  Mystery solved.

The second is when towards the end of the night the DJ played the Quintin Harris remix of Donnie’s “Cloud 9.”  I almost broke the heels on my shoes spinning around to this song.

So those are some of the highlights of the last few weeks. Special shout out to Bugz in the Attic/Jazznova event from last week too. And although December is right around the corner, there’s so much to look forward to before 2010 gets here!

~November 28: spreadlove doing a tribute to Native Tongues featuring Phife

~December 12: Tortured Soul live at Apache

Hope to see you soon!

Happy Holidays!