(Today I’m launching a new feature: “Five Points.” Named for the heart of the MARTA train lines, it’s a blog where I’ll quickly highlight five random things that I’m thinking about, shows I’m attending, gadgets I’m using, or some other piece of randomosity.)


1. Tortured Soul!

This Saturday I’m going to see Tortured Soul at Apache! I’ve mentioned them before, but as the show draws nigh, I can hardly contain my excitement. What’s better than a live house music band? Umm…nothing. I mean really, you have a drummer who’s the lead vocalist, and you got me wide open.

2. Foreign Exchange + Grammy Nomination = YAY!

I would just like to say…CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOREIGN EXCHANGE ON THEIR GRAMMY NOMINATION IN THE URBAN ALTERNATIVE CATEGORY!!! WHOO-FRIGGIN-HOO!!!!! Seriously, Foreign Exchange is an incredibly talented collective founded by Phonte of Little Brother and one of the illest producers the Netherlands has produced, Nicolay. As if that is not enough, you got Zo! on keys and Yahzarah, Muhsinah, and Darien Brockington on vocals! Sick wit it. Go buy their current album Leave it All Behind and their debut Connected (after you finish reading my blog of course ☺.

Here’s their grammy nominated song “Daykeeper”

3. My newly hired research assistant….

I’m not even halfway into this research project, but the MVP award goes to my Zoom H4N Recorder. I love it. It’s sophisticated, but not so tricked out that I can’t use it. It may look like some kind of taser, but no matter if it’s a master class with bad mic placement or an interview in a loud & rowdy coffee shop, my trusty companion gets the job done with aplomb.

I Love you Zoom.

4. I wanna be a DJ

…for my own amusement and edification. Three months into this project I’ve realized two things: one I wanna spend some time in a music production studio and two: I wanna learn the basics of DJ’ing. I think both would help me become a better ethnomusicologist. So who’s willing to help me with that?

5.  An awesome group you’ve never heard of….

I am loving JASPECTS! These ATL brothers are talented and each of their song’s is something new! I had heard some of their stuff here and there but, it was on DJ Tabone’s Soultronik mixtape that I got hooked and developed a habit for them. Going to see them next week, can’t wait!

Listen to my fave jaspects song “Unifunk”

And check out their project The Polkadotted Stripe.

And we’re done.

Shortest blog (for me) ever.