an ethnomusicological equation

confession: i struggle in finding truncated ways to describe what an ethnomusicologist is.

earlier today, i was chitchatting with the homie DRE! and i epiphanized (yep i made that up) an equation that quantified what i think it means to be an ethnomusicologist.

here’s a snippet of that convo:

freda peoples: I love being an ethnomusicologist.
DRE! : man i can only imagine
DRE! : what goes into being an ethnomusicologist?
freda peoples: A good ear + a good mind + a passion for understanding how music affects people’s lives + a willingness to disseminate the information by any means necessary
DRE! : man thats awesome
DRE! : i need to get paid for some shit i love
freda peoples: Pretty much

thank you DRE! for helping to stop rambling incoherently describing bits of randomosity when describing my chosen field.

and if you were already clear on what i do, be thankful that it’s now clear to me 🙂

and of the 8th day, God created brevity.