(c) Solomon Burke

If I fall short
If I don’t make the grade
If you’re expectations aren’t met in me today
There’s always tomorrow, or tomorrow night
Hang in there, baby
Sooner or later I know I’ll get it right
Please don’t give up on me

Whenever I’ve written a thesis, the only analogy I could find that seemed to describe the relationship between my work and me was that of a romantic relationship. Life has recently reminded me just how apt that analogy is.

The short of it is this: life happens…and contrary to my obsessively myopic academic view, there are some things (even in my own life) that are more important than my dissertation. So sometimes I gotta adjust and switch gears. Given, the same situation, I’d make the same choice again.


I miss my research. We haven’t been together in over a week. I’ve daydreamed about what I want to say when we reunite. I have unceasingly wondered what my data will say to me (when I finally sit down to listen). Circumstances have had me in a completely different space lately, and I acknowledge that we need to get back in touch before time takes a fatal toll.

Despite the validity and urgency of the mitigating circumstances, I feel like I’ve let my research and goals down. I’ve tired to write late at night after all is done, but I’m tired and asleep by 11pm! (If you know me, you’re probably laughing at that.)

If this blog is an incoherent, disjointed, random, rambling mess. I apologize. It’s really just my feeble attempt to pause and say that I know I have been neglecting my main boo and I promise, “I’ll get it right” …soon.

Whatever you do we’ll make it though
Don’t you give up on me,
Please, please, please promise me,
Don’t give up on me


PS: Shout out to CWW being on the mend tho. And for the folx in Locust Grove for reminding me that all there is in this world that’s worth a damn is LOVE.