***“Five Points.” Named for the heart of the MARTA train lines, it’s a blog where I’ll quickly highlight five random things that I’m thinking about, tech stuff, or some other piece of randomosity.***

1. Honeymooning in the Desert!

In the middle of lamenting how I had been slipping on my dissertation research intensity, I decided to do something about it. I hopped on a plane and headed to Phoenix to boo up with my research so that we can hopefully get to know each other better. I’ve been here since Saturday and aint been outside since Saturday. HOV! We have been working it out and I’m pleased to say I think we’ve found our happy place again.

(Translation: I’ve been transcribing audio from dawn to dusk everyday with only brief food, potty, libation, sleep breaks.)

2. Museum of Musical Instruments

All work and no play makes me cranky, so Wednesday I’m going to check out my girl (and fellow ethnomusicologist) Sunni at her work home, The Museum of Musical Instruments here in Phoenix. It features musical instruments and performances from all over the globe. Can’t wait! It’s a brand spanking new museum founded by the founder of Target and it’s scheduled to open in April.

I looked at their site and it looks dope as hell in that Getty Center kind of way.

3. Dilla

So yesterday was an unofficial national holiday. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about….James “J Dilla” “Jay Dee” Yancey’s birthday! All too soon, the prolific genius passed away in February 2006 after a prolonged illness. I hope to write a longer piece on Dilla and his impact on music and me, but I wanted to share this Dilla tribute mix “The Rest of Dilla” done by Atlanta’s own, DJ Rasta Root, and some of Questlove’s favorite Dilla tracks.


4. Queen Latifah: America the Beautiful

Okay, so I know yesterday was also the day a little game called the Super Bowl was played. While I’m STILL pissed at CBS because they didn’t show the FAMU Marching 100 during their pre-game telecast, I was surprised at Queen Latifah’s gospelized version of “America the Beautiful.”

They really did try to take us to church right quick, but the jury is still out on this one.

5. Window Seat

Man, man, man! The homie Improv!? told me I would dig the new E. Badu track from her forthcoming album. For whatever reason I was slow on the take. The homie was 1000% right, I’ve probably listened to it, no less than 25 times since yesterday. I love it. It’s introspective, it’s soulful, it’s got Questlove on drums, and it’s simply lovely. I love it because it highlights not only her voice, but also her lyrics.

If you don’t like this song, you don’t like collard greens.