***“Five Points.” Named for the heart of the MARTA train lines, it’s a blog where I’ll quickly highlight five random things that I’m thinking about, tech stuff, or some other piece of randomosity.***

1. Sampling Soul LIVE

I’ve already gushed about how dope I think this course is. You’ve got Mark Anthony Neal co-teaching a course with Grammy-Winning producer 9th Wonder. Fab. But now, people like me can watch the webcast? Even better! Nerds like me will be tuning in and jotting down notes for my own future course.

2. Dissertation Purgatory

I haven’t posted in like, two weeks, but I haven’t really been a slacker either. Although my dissertation has a name and a semblance of a skeleton, we’re still in a very unstable place. I feel like I’m making progress,, but it’s the inside-my-head kind of progress as opposed to the on-the-page kind. I think this is a necessary pre-step though, but I’m kinda sorta ready to just be done…like all the way done.

By the way, what do you know about structuration?

3. Red Bull Academy

How dope is this site? Full length interviews with people like Questlove, Bun B, Dam Funk, Dave Matthews, DJ Premier, Derrick May, DJ Toomp, Gilberto Gil, Leon Ware, Nicolay, Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Tony Allen, and countless others. Okay, I was geeking out a bit, but can you blame me?!?

4. Dam Funk Show

Speaking of Dam Funk, he’s gonna be @ The Sound Table tomorrow night. I’m pretty excited about it. I admit, I’m a new follower and was introduced to him through his work with Hollyweerd. Dope ass beats, looking forward to Tuesday night!

5. Shirley Caesar

I’m a HUGE fan of Shirley Caesar. As a kid I used to beg my parents take me to see her “concert” whenever she’d come to town. I knew all the words to “He’s Working It Out (For You)” and “Hold My Mule.” When my grandmother died “I Remember Mama” consoled me. I can’t think of a more talented and preacher/singer. From her beginnings with The Caravans (which included gospel heavyweights Dorothy Norwood, Albertina Walker, James Cleveland and others) until today, Shirley Caesar continues use her undeniable gift of singing, preaching, and evangelizing to reach the transcendent soul in all of us.

PS: I owe you, NAK.

Mama Shirley Live

Sister Shirley Caesar and The Caravans have a reunion