Take a few moments from your day to enjoy some aural stimulation.

Disclaimer: This set may be a little too sensual for your day job, so if you start giving your cubicle neighbor your best “come hither” look, log off and get back to those TPS covers!

First up, Leon Ware who worked with two of my absolute favorite people on two of my absolute favorite albums: Marvin Gaye’s I Want You and Quincy Jones’ Body Heat. “Rockin You Eternally” is such a great song and was remade in 2008 on Jazzanova’s Of All Things album.

Ramp is (was) a funk/jazz group from Ohio who is best known for their work with Roy Ayers on their 1977 album Come Into Knowledge. I’m sure you can place this sample, but here’s the original.

Last, but damn sure not least, I’ve had “Walking in Space” in my head for days. It’s Quincy Jones in 1969.

PS: Perhaps the title of this post was an intended pun?