The end of my dissertation? I wish. But the end of my fieldwork expedition is drawing nigh. I have (in my mind) set an end date for May 31st, which means (in my mind) I want to send a précis to my advisor by April 15th.

All of this deadline setting has given me a renewed sense of urgency and increased my heart rate. My mind is kinda wracked with questions. Like. This is it? This great fieldwork project I’ve been thinking about and planning for years is almost over? Is there even a dissertation lurking in the mounds of data I collected? Did I talk to everyone to whom I should have talked? Sigh.

I mean, I know to a certain extent I’m just sorta buggin’ out. No fieldwork experience is perfect and neither is anyone’s dissertation. But still. This is my dissertation and in my self-absorbed world, that’s what makes the difference. It needs to not only be great, it needs to be right…whatever “right” means.

I have to constantly remind myself that perfection is the enemy of completion. So from somewhere within I’ll find the resolve to sally forth and meet my deadlines and continue my march towards the finish line that is having a dissertation that exists not only in my head, but also on paper!

Excuse my brevity, but clearly I have work to do!