***“Five Points.” Named for the heart of the MARTA train lines, it’s a blog where I’ll quickly highlight five random things that I’m thinking about, tech stuff, or some other piece of randomosity.***

1. “Climb Every Mountain, Ford Every Stream?”

Maybe not quite but, for the last few years I’ve been convinced that I really enjoy hiking (although I’d never tried it). I’m happy to report that I was right. I love hiking. It can be incredibly challenging, but it’s SO worth it when you reach your destination. So far, I’ve hiked Stone Mountain twice and I find it to be as mentally and spiritually invigorating as it is physically exhausting. So onward to higher & steeper climbs for me!

2. Procrastination.

It is enemy of kinetic human energy. This little video (thanx NAK) accurately describes my busy days of procrastination. So hold off on those TPS report covers for a couple more minutes and have a good laugh.

3. A Robert Glasper Beat Tape?

Yes please! I LOVE Robert Glasper. Whether it’s straight ahead jazz, the avant-guarde sounds of The Robert Glasper Experiment, his serving as Musical Director for Maxwell’s recent tour, or improvising with Mos Def over Dilla beats, I love it. Now the Canadian homie, Dela, has put together this RG beat tape. God bless Prov!? for sharing this with me.

4. Soul Symphony in DC!

You really need to be here.

5. Roni Size LIVE

I’m a huge Roni Size fan and the homie Jasmine hipped me to this fantastic video via twitter. Post-dissertation, I’d really like to spend some time researching “black” music in London. I’ve been fascinated for years with groups like Loose Ends, Soul II Soul, Caron Wheeler, 4hero, Omar, and many others. But this is a DOPE ASS video of Roni Size with composer William Goodchild and the Emerald Ensemble. Enjoy!