In my mind Tuesday nights are kind of like the NIT Tournament of weekday nights. It’s the loser night of the week. It’s the filler between manic Mondays and Humpday Wednesday.

Fortunately, tonight won’t be just another boring Tuesday night because tonight I’m going to check out Grammy-nominated Janelle Monae at Smith’s Olde Bar. For a long time I’ve really liked, supported, and rooted for her (even when i couldn’t get all the way into her songs too tough). Sometimes you just root for artists that you believe should do well. Anyway, that all changed when i listened to 2012 with Janelle Monae & Jaspects. For some reason, that song was a portal through which I was able to move from distant admirer, to fan of her catalog.

Now two things I always knew for sure about her: she can sure as hell sang and she does a helluva live show. I mean, just listen to her vocals on “Smile” or the acoustic version of her “Sincerely Jane.” Her pristine vocal diction and clarity remind me of Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Washington. Love it.

Even with all her vocal talent, makes her live show more than worth your while.  Watch her live version of “Letting Go;” it highlights her fun and engaging side. I’m into it.

So tonight, rather than have warmed over Easter dinner leftovers, or zone out to television reruns, or ignore my dissertation writing, I’m going for a heapin’ helping of some good ass live music.

And I’ll leave you with her latest video. It’s “Tightrope” featuring Big Boi.

Happy Tuesday Everybody!