***“Five Points.” Named for the heart of the MARTA train lines, it’s a blog where I’ll quickly highlight five random things that I’m thinking about, tech stuff, or some other piece of randomosity.***

Yes, I know it’s been a million days since I blogged. I’ve missed you, but sometimes you get so busy doing living that there isn’t much time (or energy) to write about it. That’s a problem if I’m trying to finish my dissertation right? Nevertheless, since we last spoke I traveled to Africa, turned a year older, saw Robert Glasper live, and finished my Atlanta fieldwork experiment.

Finally, I really am “all but dissertation.” There’s nothing left for me to do but write the damn thing.

…Well that, and drive 1900 miles to Phoenix, Arizona.

So let’s get on with it!

(PS: Happy Birthday KSH!)
(PPS: A year later and I still can’t believe you’re gone MJ)

1. Vive L’Algerie!
I went to Algeria! It was amazing. Check me out on my summer vacay.
2. How I Got Over is Fire!
Seriously. I aint bought a Roots album since The Tipping Point and I think I ended up using it as a coaster. This album is mellow and kind of moody. A friend pointed out that there are no bangers on it, but that’s okay to me because it’s a seamless listening experience from start to finish. I literally drove to the record store and bought the CD and have been listening to it ever since.
3. Read this dope ass article about the making of Outkast’s classic album Aquemini. Thanx Improv?!

4. It’s my last weekend in Atlanta so come party with me Saturday and Sunday!

5. Where am I going??

My impending move to Phoenix gives me an excuse to post one of my favorite Isaac Hayes songs